To become the owner of an Egyptian Mau from Erendel


To find new homes for our babies is one of the hardest, but also most important things we do. We strive to find the perfect home and buyer for every kitten, and the right kitten for every buyer! We usually don't sell any individual kitten until they have had the time to grow and develop. Our kittens grow up and become a part of our family and we reserve the right to sell or not to sell at any time. We use a purchase questionnaire which helps us to establish the first contact with presumable buyers. We also like to meet presumable new owners of our cats before the time of sale. Kittens sold as pets are sold spayed or neutered and please note that all our cats are sold to indoor homes only!

The breed is extremely rare in Sweden, consequently Maus with breeding qualities are even more rare, therefore cats showing those qualities are prioritized in the breeding programme - We are working hard to establish the breed by using only the best cats! There might be some waiting time to get a Mau, but I'll do my best to inform about upcoming plans and litters, and don't hesitate to contact me if You are interested or would like to know more.


We are well aware of the worth of our cats and we only sell to people who do the same - information about kittens for sale will be found on our website. If you have furhter questions about future kittens you are always welcome to send us an email och give us a call!


Conditions of purchase

We have a list of interest, but also want to meet buyers in person when possible, even if You are on the list of interest. The list of interest doesn't guarantee You a cat, but You might be given priority when we have a litter. Nevertheless, it's Your responsibility to keep yourself updated about current litters and contact us of you are interested in a kitten - updated information is found on our website.

If You, after we have talked and/or met and we both feel comfortable with each other, have decided to get an Egyptian Mau fom us, You have the possibility to reserve a kitten from a future litter (if we don't have any available kittens at the moment), by paying a holding-fee. This is refundable if we can't supply the kitten within the agreed upon time.


The kittens leave at the age of 14 weeks at the earliest


The kitten is vaccinated twice, ID-marked (micro-chipped) and officially examined by a veterinarian. Other vaccinations (for ex. rabies) will be arranged upon agreement. The new owner will see to that the cat is vaccinated according to current veterinary recommendations.
The cat is registered in CFA and SVERAK
Pets are sold neutered/spayed

The buyer is resonsible for getting an health insurance where possible.

Our cats are sold exclusively to indoor homes. The cats may be let out in an out-door pen, netted balcony or walked in leash, but never without supervision.
Our cats are sold primarily as pets, other arrangements upon agreement.

We don't sell cats to homes where they will spend then entire day by themselves. If the owner/s are gone during the entire day, a cat friend should be considered!
If something happens to the cat and/or a new home must be found, the breeder must be contacted

When a kitten is reserved, a holding fee is payed by the buyer. By the time of purchase, this is deducted from the full price. The holding fee is non-refundable. The seller has the right to cancel the contract if it shows that the buyer has withhold information of importance or/and the intentions of the purchase. In that case the holding fee may be refunded.
No cats leave us until fully payed for
Cats and kittens from Erendel come with life-long support from us!







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