Erendel's studs - retired

GC, IC Bacamamdit Into The Wild of Erendel


GC Bacamamdit Into The Wild of Erendel - the name may not be entirely suitable considered he is the sweetest boy you ever can imagine. Nothing makes him happier than a moment in your lap, he almost forgets the girls next door..

He comes as a very longed-for boy that suites all of our girls very well. He brings some new lines with him and is not all that bad himself either! We have been looking for a good boy during hte last two years and finally we could bring him home with us from the US in July 2008!

He has been tested negative for FIV and FeLV and scanned neg. for HCM.


Dam: Bacamamdit's What A Girl Wants
Sire: GC Sansih Twice A Brat of Bacamamdit, DM




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