Erendel's queens


GC Emau's Over The Moon of Erendel


Luna is now with us! This wonderful cat is one of the jewels in our breeding program. She has it all - looks, temperament, health - you name it! She is a talkative and playful lady, that wants to be in the middle of everything all the time - play time, snuggle time or whatever..

We are looking forward to what she might produce, and what she will accomplish in the show ring.


Luna has tested negative for FIV and FeLV and is scanned (negative) for HCM.


Mor: GC, BW, NW Emau's Drop-of-Golden Sun, DM
Far: GC Emau's Kestrel, DM




IC D'otz Star Diver of Erendel

Star is the third girl of the Mau-gang at our house. She contributes with some new qualities to the breeding program, but she also reinforces others.. Long-legged and great contrast, and then those wonderful green Mau-eyes - she is also a little edgy (in a positive way!). A month older than Minnie, but at least two sizes bigger..

Star has tested negative for FIV and FeLV, and is scanned (negative) for HCM..


Star is now back with her breeder in Maryland/Baltimore area. We are so happy that she could go to "her" family where alsp her cat mummy lives. I've been told she still is the funny cat she used to be - which makes me really happy. This lady has a ton of ideas, and it is all about HER, HER and HER!


Dam: Emau's Grand Illusion, DM
Sire: GC Emau's Kestrel, DM

Females - retired from breeding


SC Erendel's Wandering Star

Three Wishes first daughter, born in March 2007. The father is GC, RW Bacamamdit Ace High of Marzac Knoll. Thank you Eve and Dennis for letting us use him! This baby has got her fathers contrast, a slightly more slim body than her mother and a wonderful temperament, outgoing and social all around!


"Minnie" has tested negative for FIV/FeLV .


Minnie now lives with Cecilia and David and enjoys getting 100% of their attention. We miss this little girl, she was our first kitten but we are happy she lives a good life in her new home.


Dam: CH Emau's Three Wishes of Erendel
Sire: GC, RW Bacamamdit Ace High of Marzac


CH Emau's G.E.M. of Erendel

Gem is not only a gem as in gem stone, but also our new G.E.M. - Green Eyed Monster! She will take over as queen after Three Wishes in our cattery and she does it with honor! She has already been admired in the US. Her only weakness is her shyness - just as Three Wishes.. In everything else a wonderful and beautiful cat, representing the best of her parents. Her mother is no less than one of the NW 2008 in CFA. If the little miss will allow, we are planning a couple of shows later this year.

GEm has tested negative for FIV and FeLV.


Gem now lives in Uppsala with beatiful cat Saga and their people. We are so happy for her, all the time, attention and love she is given.

Dam: GC, BW, NW Emau's Minuet
Sire: GC Ajatarah Niles


CH Emau's Three Wishes of Erendel

Erendel's foundation queen came to us in November 2006. Three Wishes was a promising young girl back in the US, but an incident where she got terrified at a show, put an end to her show career. However, she had those qualities necessary for a foundation cat, not only for my breeding program but also for becoming the first Egyptian Mau queen in Sweden. She has a fenomenal head type, beatiful eyes, clear contrast and wonderful boning. This little lady is a little shy, but extremely playful! She is also a really "cool cat", travels between Sweden and the States just like she has never been doing anything else..


Three Wishes is tested negative for FIV and FeLV, and scanned for HCM

Three Wishes retired from breeding in spring 2009. She will now be assisting the other females raise their babies - no one loves kittens as much as her!

Dam: GC, RW Emau's If Wishes Were Horses...
Sire: GC Emau's Saga of LaMaus




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