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* January 25, 2015

As you might have noticed, not much have happened in the cattery for a while. We now have two small kids and demanding jobs that involves travelling and extra work. Still, it's not impossible there will be kittens in the future, and as always - it's here on our home page you'll first find the information!


* Dec 23, 2012

Luna didn't get pregnant last time around. We were prepared for that.. But she has now been i Norway since early November to get bred, and just the last few days we learned things were happening! She will be back with us by early January, and then we will start looking for signs of pregnancy. Fingers crossed there will be Mau-babies in about two months!


* Sept 22, 2012

Kitten plans! We have bred Luna to Tyce, but he is such a gentleman we are not sure Luna actually got bred. Most of the time they were curled up together sleeping.. We will keep you updated once we know, check out the Kittens page for more information!


* 31/12 2011

I realize this page isn't the best one to visit if you want up-to-date information on the cattery... Go see the Kittens page instead! Anyway, a lot has happened this year of 2011. We had two litters, from Luna and Gem. Star moved back to her breeders at D'Otz cattery, where she hopefully can have one or several more litters. We miss her but know that she has a great home with Susan and her family. Minnie now lives with Cecilia and David, where she gets 100 % attention - just as she thinks it should be! We miss her as well, but knowing she seems to love her new home really helps. We have also got an addition to the human family this year, our baby son Vide.


* 10/12 2009

G.E.M is pregnant and is growing and growing.. We expect the kittens to be here by mid-January.
Our "Luna" is now a CFA Grand Champion!

* 14/7 2009

Star's second litter was born on July 2nd - five healthy silvers, two boys and three girls!

*28/6 2009

Emau's G.E.M. of Erendel is here with us in Sweden now! More about her in the "Queens" page. Star is pregnant and we are expecting kittens by early July.


* 15/3 2009

Star's kittens have all moved, but we are planning for two more litters this summer/fall.

We will also be going to the U.S in June to pick up our new breeding queen, join our CFA breed club Global Egyptian Mau Society's show in Philadelphia as well as the Southern Regional Awards Show in Florida.


* 15/8

The past weekend our first "second generation" kitten was born. See more here; Kittens and Litters 2008


* 17/7

Our new stud from the US - Bacamamdit Into The Wild of Erendel - is here now! Indy managed to collect quite a few grand points at the shows I brought him to in the States in July as well.

* 3/6 2008

- Erendel's Wandering Star has been bred and we're expecting a litter in August-
- This summers USA-trip has been booked and among other activities I will be attending the CFA Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY. This year we once again have an Egyptian Mau National Winner! With me back to Sweden comes Bacamamdit Into The Wild of Erendel - our new stud!

* 7/2 2008

The past weekend (2/2) we got a new member of our Mau family, at least for a couple of months to come - a very vivid little smoke boy! We really look forward to see him develop and it's extra exciting since he's the first smoke Mau in Sweden! See more here: Litters 2008

Erendel's Midnite Mist

* 4/1 2008
New year and new cat plans! later this year our own stud will be coming to Sweden! Until then we keep our fingers crossed Three Wishes growing tummy actually hides something.

* 28/11 2007
Back from a hectic trip to the USA with a new cat, D'otz Star Diver of Erendel. Maybe we also got a bred Three Wishes with us home, time will let us know..

* 10/9 2007
A trip to the US is planned, as well as breeding Three Wishes. We will also get our third queen!

* 20/6 2007
10 days in the US to look for new cats, arrange my CFA clubs annual show, show myself and spend time with all my breeder friends and collegues.

* 31/4 2007
Congratulations to Melanie Morgan and (Three Wishes half-siter..) GC, BW, NW Emau's Drop-of-Golden Sun who won the coveted title of National Winner as of the show season of 2006/2007 in CFA!


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